Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sad News but Good News

Hello Friends....

     It has been a time of gathering my thoughts and wondering what I would be writing about.

Rick and I recieved a precious puppy into our lives on April 4, 2004.  We decided to name her

Princess because that is what we felt she would become since we were EMPTY NESTERS.

     3 months ago we noticed a lump in her throat and soon found out that it was lymphoma.

We watched her close, almost denying the diagnosis.  But to a sudden turn for the worse we,

felt it was time to.....

let her go......  I have been sooooo sad.  I will in the future get a pic of her for all to see.

     I've started a new quilting project which it will take me a while to GET THEM DONE!!

It's called Calendar Quilt.  It is made of 12 blocks of the calendar year.  And if I make one for each

one of my grandchildren that means 7 of them.  We recieved news of a new one on the way come

this May.  GOOD NEWS!!!!